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This is my other home aside Patreon or tumblr.

I do tweet also but I mostly do it in spanish

On this place I post a new story or episode from time to time mostly in spanish, some of this makes it to a comic or gets translated on another medium.

If you came here from Patreon searching  info about the redeemable points you’ve hit the right place.

if you haven’t joined the Patreon family… why not?  It’s like buying me a coffee or a movie ticket once a month as a reward for me doing things you like.

Well… about the points, for now I don’t have a lot to give to give you but with time I’ll have books, merchandise and more of those goodies.

500 points gets you an Art Comission of whatever you like.

1000 points gets you a Short Story written by me of whatever you like

2000 points get you your short story Illustrated.

Gather those points and write me.

Also, if you would like to send love, compliments, complains or whatever crosses your mind write me at:

quinquestories (at) gmail dot com

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